INCOTERMS 2010的主要变化中英文翻译

INCOTERMS 2010的主要变化
2010年9月27日,国际商会在巴黎召开国际贸易术语解释通则2010全球发布会,正式推出其于近期刚刚完成修订的Incoterms 2010。这标志着被经贸界使用了近十年的Incoterms即将被新版本所取代。 新版本将于2011年1月1日正式生效。
Incoterms® 2010 与Incoterms 2000的关系:
虽然Incoterms 2010 将于2011年1月1日正式生效,但是Incoterms2010实施之后并非Incoterms 2000就自动作废。因为国际贸易惯例本身不是法律,对国际贸易当事人不产生必然的强制性约束力。国际贸易惯例在适用的时间效力上并不存在“新法取代旧法”的说法,即2010实施之后并非2000就自动废止,当事人在订立贸易合同时仍然可以选择适用Incoterms 2000甚至Incoterms 1990。
外贸人员应该学习掌握Incoterms 2010新的规则。但是,外贸人也无须过于担忧。首先,贸易一线的人员没有必要担忧,未来的两三年Incoterms 2000仍然会是贸易合同的主角;法律界的法官、律师们更无须担忧,Incoterms 2010纠纷两三年之后才会大量出现。
但是司法考试的同学们明年要特别注意了,因为不出意外的话明年司法考试的大纲会将Incoterms 2010列为司考内容。
Incoterms 2010主要变化:
1. 术语分类的调整:由2原来的EFCD 四组分为适用于两类:适用于各种运输方式和水运
3、删除INCOTERMS2000中四个D组贸易术语,即DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid)、DAF (Delivered At Frontier)、 DES (Delivered Ex Ship)、 DEQ (Delivered Ex Quay),只保留了INCOTERMS2000D组中的DDP( Delivered Duty Paid )。
4、新增加两种D组贸易术语,即DAT ( Delivered At Terminal )与DAP(Delivered At Place )。
Incoterms2010 are arranged into the two distinct grouPSgroups:
Any Mode of Transport
CIP ? Carriage and Insurance Paid
CPT ? Carriage Paid To
DAP ? Delivered At Place
DAT ? Delivered At Terminal
DDP ? Delivered Duty Paid
EXW ? Ex Works
FCA ? Free Carrier
Sea and Inland Waterway Transport Only
CFR ? Cost and Freight
CIF ? Cost, Insurance and Freight
FAS ? Free Alongside Ship
FOB ? Free On Board
In addition to the 11 rules, Incoterms®2010 will include:
* Extensive guidance notes and illustrative graphics to help users efficiently choose the right rule for each transaction;
* New classification to help choosing the most suitable rule in relation to the mode of transport;
* Advice for the use of electronic procedures;
* Information on security-related clearances for shipments;
* Advice for the use of Incoterms® 2010 in domestic trade
This interpretation is provided as a guide only.
Incoterms® are published by the International Chamber of Commerce and are available on their website and official publication “Incoterms® 2010″. For a complete and official overview please refer to the ICC’s publication.

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